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8 hours
On Campus


Course Overview

The Advanced Microsoft Excel course will enable students learn the expert features and functions in Microsoft Excel 2013, alongside our expert author. The students will get beyond the basics and have advanced-level proficiency within the Excel suite.
Students will also learn working with statistical and financial functions and Use Analysis Tool along with more advance function of excel that will help them grow as MIS/Excel expert.

After successful,completion of the program the students will get a Certificate of participation in Advanced Microsoft Excel from Aptech Computer Education India.
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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

  • Customize Ribbon and Quick Access Tool-bar
  • Use built-in and custom templates
  • Work with statistical and financial functions
  • Use Analysis Tool
  • Create macros
  • Work with Form controls
  • Advanced MS-Excel 2013
  • Work with Form controls
Certification obtained

Certificate of participation in Advanced Microsoft Excel from Aptech Computer Education India.

What jobs will I qualify for?

The course will successfully prepare students for careers such as: 
  • Excel Specialist 
  • MIS Executive

When do I start?

Next available course

Admission Criteria

Basic knowledge of MS- Office and  MS–Excel.

How do I apply?

Apply by completing the online application form at:

Payment options

The total fee for this course is Ksh. 25,000

Payment methods: 
  • Cash in Kenyan Shillings 
  • Cheques drawn on local banks in Kenyan Shillings
  • Banker's Drafts in Kenyan Shillings 
  • Mpesa 
Bank Draft or Overseas Swift Transfer made out to: 
Account Name: Edulink International College Limited
Account Number: 0217836001
Bank Name: Diamond Trust Bank Limited
Branch: Lavington

To pay by MPESA please follow the below steps:

  • Go to MPESA and select ‘Payment Service’, then select ‘Pay Bill’ option.
  • Enter Diamond Trust Bank Pay Bill Number ‘516600’ and press OK.
  • Enter the Bank Account Number ‘0540217836001’
  • Enter the transfer amount and press OK.
  • Enter your MPESA Pin and press OK.
  • Confirm the Pay Bill Number and the Account Number to which you are transferring the funds and the amount being transferred and press OK.
  • You will receive a confirmation indicating the funds have been sent.
Please note:
Include your full name and application reference number (also called the student number or enrollment number) on all remittances. This reference number is stated on your offer letter. If transfer documents are not in English, a certified translated copy in English is required.

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