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Course Overview

English is the fastest growing international language. The continued crucial role of English as Kenya‘s official language and its role in bringing understanding among the peoples of Kenya with the rest of the world cannot be over emphasized. Its expanded use requires effective interaction at interpersonal, national and international levels. All institutions within the country have recognised the need for better communication in English hence the increased demand for experts of the language. Also rapidly expanding are career opportunities for teachers, writers and editors in technical fields, computer software and in translation services. Students are increasingly required to acquire a high level of proficiency in the use of English as an international language and also to have theoretical knowledge of various aspects of the English structure and use. This department therefore decided to strengthen the communication element in the English Language curriculum to meet the market demand for communication experts and in accordance with the University‘s Mission and Vision. There are diverse areas requiring language expertise such as education, print media (i.e. editors and writers), television media (presenters, editors, producers and screen writers), public relations, corporate communication, business management, translation, language consultancies, diplomacy, teaching, and research. The graduates of this programme will be able to work in these areas as well as pursuing further education to become lecturers and professors in the various sub disciplines of English, Linguistics and Communication. The target group for this programme are school leavers, para-professionals in the mass media and business entrepreneurs amongst others. The programme will produce well rounded graduates that are able to work in various professions as well as setting up entrepreneurship in related fields. They can work as translators for NGOs and international agencies such as various United Nations bodies.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

At the end of the programme, the graduates will be able to use English language and communication skills acquired in pursuance of a career in research, teaching, print media, television and other related areasBy the end of the programme, learners should be able to:i) Develop and refine skills in effective English language use and research;ii) Develop and refine skills in effective academic writing, business communication, mass media communication and in specialised technical fields;iii) Carry out independent research in their area(s) of specialisation and familiarise themselves with information gathering, retrieval and dissemination techniques;;iv) Organise, supervise and evaluate effective use of English language, and communication skills;v) Write, edit and publish documents in different genres, and be sensitive to issues of culture, gender and national cohesion in language and communication strategies;vi) Keep abreast with current developments and issues in the English language and Communication studies; and pursue further education in English, Linguistics and Communication.
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On Campus, 4 years, Flexible


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Admission Criteria

i) Candidates must satisfy the general Egerton University admission requirements together with those in the Faculty of Humanities and Development Studies;ii) In addition, candidates must have obtained a minimum score of C+ in English;iii) Candidates may be admitted to the BA (English and Communication Studies) programme if they hold a Diploma in Education from recognised institutions of ‗Credit‘ level or higher. Such students will be permitted to transfer up to thirty per cent (30%) of the BA (English and Communication Studies) credit factors earned at the Diploma level in accordance with senate approved guidelines;iv) Mature age candidates will also be admitted into the BA (English and Communication Studies) programme depending on their prior academic qualifications and work experience relevant to English language related areas as determined by the Department.

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