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Bachelor in Marketing and Business Development (3rd year)


Course Introduction

The IDRAC Bachelor is a 1 year education program in Marketing and Business Development, students arrive in the third year of the Bachelor directly. This Bachelor can be taught 100% in English and also offers the students the possibility to study in Spain and in Ireland for a year. Upon completion of the IDRAC Bachelor, students obtain a French Ministry of Higher Education degree, which opens doors to many career and graduate studies opportunities. The school is ranked #9 among the top post-baccalaureate Business Schools in France, for this Bachelor Program.

  • Bachelor
  • On Campus
  • Rhône
  • Duration: 1 years
  • Start Date: 01/09/2016
  • € 7,300

What You Will Learn

- Business and communication:
- Principles of marketing
- Marketing Mix
- Strategic Marketing
- Statistics
- International Marketing
- International Trade
- B to B Marketing
- Negotiation
- Business Model
- Web Marketing
- Reporting Tools

- Project Management
- Interpersonal Communication
- Event Management
- Personal branding
- Cross cultural management
- Team Building
- Computing skills
- Social Networks and Internet Tools

Economics & Law:
- Principles of Economics
- History of Civilizations
- Macro economy of the 21st century
- Knowledge Management
- Lobbying
- Principles of Law
- Business Law
- Principles of Applied Law
- Ethics

Where and when

Start DateLocation



7, Rue Sergent Michel Berthet,lyon



Certification obtained

A French Ministry of Higher Education accredited degree

How do I apply?

- Applicants will submit an application form with all supporting documents (CV, cover letter, certificates and last two transcripts)
- Admission interview and language test

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