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Course Overview

The theatre arts programme focuses on the study of the creative and imaginative use of theatre both within and outside Africa. Theatre is viewed not in isolation but in relation to other art forms (music, fine art, poetry etc), as well as in historical, philosophical, sociological, anthropological and political perspectives. The theatre arts programme is therefore integrative and the student is expected to have a broader perspective of theatre within the community than a less interdisciplinary theatre arts course would provide. In addition the theatre arts programme emphasizes the practical approach to theatre studies, since the student will not only be expected to be able to theorize but also to apply theory to performance, interpretation performances and be involved in actual production in the theatre.

Structure of the Programme
The student will be expected to take a specified number of units distributed as in Table 1, degree programme courses, and elective courses in order to fulfil the requirements of the degree programme.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

To train students in the professional skills of theatre to enable them to serve the community creatively and be able to be either employed or self employed within the entertainment and media industriesTo improve the skills of theatre practitioners and theatre educators in the field who may need professional courses to work competentlyTo study, build on and broaden ideas on theatre as a creative force through research and teachingTo assist in the running of various academic and community assistance programmes in the university and outside the university e.g. drama in education, theatre for community development, and theatre in health seeking behaviour, music for therapy etcTo serve as a creative pool within the university, tapping and developing creative energies among students and members of staff
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Montessori Teacher Training College

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Montessori Teacher Training College

Admission Criteria

Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of the Joint Admission Board (JAB) and of Moil University as stipulated in the Statutes of the university. In addition the applicant must fulfil the requirements for the following JAB clusters: English or KiswahiliMaths or any group IIAny group IIIFrench or Music or Art and DesignAdmission may also be granted to candidates who meet minimum entry requirements of the university and are also holders of a relevant diploma, passed with a credit or distinction, from a recognized college. Note:The applicant engaged in theatre activities at professional or amateur level will have an added advantage.

Detailed course information


First Semester
Introduction to Performance (Core)
Culture and Society (Required)

Second Semester
Integration in Performance (Required)
History of Theatre (Core)


First Semester
Art and Communication (Required)
Speech Theory and Practice(Core)
Movement Theory and Practice(Core)
Script Making and Interpretation(Core)

Second Semester
Social Theory (Required)
Play Production I(Core)
Issues in Kenyan Theatre(Core)
Theory of Dance (Core)
Theory of Music I
Film Analysis (Elective)


First Semester
Aesthetics (Required)
Theoritical and Critical Perspectives in Theatre (Core)
Play Production II (Core)
Theory of Music II (Elective)
Stage Design (Elective)
Introduction to Dance Practice (Elective)
Radio Theatre (Elective)
The Theory and Practice of Children's Theatre (Elective)
Film Theory and Critism (Elective)

Second Semester
Social Science Research Methods (Required)
Indigenous Theatre Practices (Core)
Stage Directing (Core)
Costume Design (Elective)
Singing Techniques (Elective)
Dance Practice II (Elective)
Film Script Writing (Elective)
Introduction to Animation (Elective)
An Introduction to Television Drama (Elective)
Field Attachment


First Semester
Discourse of African Arts (Required)
Theatre Research Methods (Core)
Theatre in Education (Core)
Dance Choreography (Elective)
Music Instrumentation (Elective)
Acting and Directing in Film (Elective)
Theatre Workshop Organization (Elective)
Alternative Theatre (Elective)

Second Semester
Planning, Culture and Development (Required)
Theatre in Community Development (Core)
Theatre Project (Core)
Theatre Management and Marketing (Core)
Musical Composition for the Theatre (Elective)
Photography and Editing in Film (Elective)
Dance Critism (Elective)
Drama Adjudication (Elective)

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