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Course Overview

The Bachelor of Arts (Music) program takes cognisance of the importance of music in human society. Music is integral to all facets of human activity and therefore deserves a central place in our curriculum. The program introduces students to the theoretical issues in music, the different types of music and their evolution, as well as equipping them with skills to compose and analyse Develop the skills to read and write different genres of music.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The programme aims at:Appreciation of the various genres and styles of music.Devel op a central rol e for music in all human endeavoursNurture artistic creativity.

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Diploma in Primary Teachers Education

Montessori Teacher Training College

Diploma in Pre-Primary Education (ECDE)

Montessori Teacher Training College

Montessori Teacher Training Diploma

Montessori Teacher Training College

Admission Criteria

Students must have attained a minimum of grade C+ at KCSE in music in addition to meeting the other general university admission requirements.

Detailed course information


First Semester
Introduction to Reading and Writing Skills (Required)
Computer Literacy and Skills (Required)
Artistic Expression (Required)
Music and Society (Required)
Theory & Practice of Music I: Chord Structure (Core)
Introduction to Music & Dance (Core)

*Any one of the following:
History of Film
Introduction to Literature
History of Theatre I (Africa)
Introduction to Philosophy of Human Nature

Second Semester
Social Science Perspectives on HIV and AIDS (Required)
The Motion Picture (Required)
Introduction to Performance (Required)
Theory & Practice of Music II: Principles of Modulation (Core)
Introduction to Western Music (Core)

*Any two of the following:
Reading & Writing Skills in Literature
History of Contemporary Film
History of Theatre 2: Europe & Asia
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Ethics
Psychology of Individual Development & Social Life
Reading & Writing Skills in Literature


First Semester
Introduction to Research Methods (Required)
Fundamentals of Literature I – Drama (Required)
Art and Communication (Required)
Composition Studies and Practical Musicianship I (Core)
African Music and Dance (Core)
Western Music II: From Bach to Beethoven (Core)

*Any one of the following:
Fundamentals of Literature II – Poetry
Script Making and Interpretation
Film Analysis
Classical Logic
Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Second Semester
Critical Thinking (Required)
Issues in Kenyan Theatre (Required)
Issues in Kenyan Cinema (Required)
Composition Studies and Practical Musicianship II (Core)
African Musical Instruments (Core)

*Any two of the following:
Fundamentals of Literature IV– Oral Literature
Acting for the Screen
Dance Drama
Feminist Philosophy
Fundamentals of Literature IV– Oral Literature
Acting for the Screen


First Semester
Contemporary Gender Issues (Required)
Research Methods in the Humanities (Required)
Art and Psychology (Required)
Theory and Practice of Music III:The Chromatic Scale (Core)

*Any one of the following:
Television Journalism
European Drama I
Radio & TV Drama
Theories of Editing
African Philosophy

Second Semester
Entrepreneurship and Accounting (Required)
Copy Writing (Required)
Introduction to Ethnomusicology (Core)
Western Music IV:The Modern Period (Core)

*Any two of the following:
West African
Film Directing
Technical Theatre III: Costume Design
Editing Skills


First Semester
Policy Analysis and Project Management (Required)
Discourses on African Art (Required)
Literary Journalism (Required)
Advanced Form and Analysis (Core)
Ethnomusicology/Musicology Project (Core)
Music and the Media (Core)

*Any one of the following:
The African Novel
Educational Television
Drama and Theatre in Education
African Aesthetics
Issues in African Historiography

Second Semester
Disaster and Conflict Management (Required)
Discourses in African Cinema (Required)
Computer Based Music (Required)
Church Music and Hymnology (Required)
Popular Music (Required)

*Any two of the following:
Media and Public Relations
Major Literary Movements
Entertainment Management and Marketing
Philosophy of Language
Political Philosophy in Africa

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