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Course Overview

The BA Theatre Programme caters for demands in education and entertainment (edutainment), community sensitization, and media industry, which requires a graduate with integrated skills in the various performing and creative arts with adaptive qualities in relation to the dynamic environment in the job market. The student is trained in Drama, Play Production, Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Dance. In addition, the programme incorporates studies in film, radio and TV inrelation to the performing arts.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The objectives of the programme are:To train students in professional skills within the area of creative and performing arts with an aim of enabling them to actively engage in the developmental aspects of community work.To train students for self employment by using acquired skills in creative and performing arts.To improve the skills of practicing actors, technicians,music educators and performers, producers, directors, theatre educators and performers, and community workers who may need professional skills and in-servicein order to work competently.To train students to study and broaden ideas in the performing arts through research, training and teaching.To equip students with skills in running various outreach academic and community programs e.g. Drama/Theatre in Community Development, Theatre in Education and Musical theatre therapy.
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Admission Criteria

To be admitted into the degree programme, the applicant must fulfill the academic requirements as prescribed by Moi University. In addition the applicant should fulfill the requirements for the following joint admissions board’s clusters: English, Kiswahili, Maths or any group ii; group iii, and French or music, or art and design.Mature entry applicants should be in possession of a C+ overall grade or two principal passes at A-level, or a Moi University Senate recognized diploma. Applicants engaged in literary activities, performing arts at professional or amateur level will have an added advantage.

Detailed course information


First Semester
Introduction to Reading and Writing Skills (Required)
Computer Literacy and Skills (Required)
Artistic Expression (Required)
Music and Society (Required)
Fundamentals of Theatre (Core)
History of Theatre I (Africa) (Core)

*Any one of the following:
History of Film
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Music and Dance
Introduction to Philosophy of Human Nature

Second Semester
Social Science Perspectives on HIV and AIDS (Required)
The Motion Picture (Required)
Introduction to Performance (Required)
History of Theatre II: Europe & Asia (Core)
Music in Performing Arts (Core)
Social Science Perspectives on HIV and AIDS (Required)

*Any two of the following
History of Contemporary Film
Introduction to Western Music
Classical Literary Theory
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Ethics


First Semester
Introduction to Research Methods (Required)
Fundamentals of Literature I – Drama (Required)
Art and Communication (Required)
Acting I: Stage Movement (Core)
Script Making and Interpretation (Core)

*Any two of the following:
African Music & Dance
Film Analysis
Humanist Literary Theory
Classical Logic
Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Second Semester
Critical Thinking (Required) 3
Issues in Kenyan Theatre (Required) 3
Issues in Kenyan Cinema (Required) 3
Acting II: Speech Theory and Practice (Core) 3
Dance Drama (Core) 3
Lighting and Sound for the Stage & Screen (core) 3

*Any one of the following:
Acting for the Screen 3
African Musical Instruments 3
Fundamentals of Literature IV– Oral Literature 3
Feminist Philosophy 3


First Semester
Contemporary Gender Issues (Required)
Research Methods in the Humanities (Required)
Art and Psychology (Required)
Theoretical and Critical Perspectives in Theatre (Core)
Technical Theatre II: Stage Design (Core)
Radio & TV Drama (Core)

*Any one of the following:
European Drama I
Western Music III: The Romantic Period
Theories of Editing
African Philosophy
Film Theory and Criticism

Second Semester
Entrepreneurship and Accounting (Required)
Copy Writing (Required)
Technical Theatre III: Costume Design (Core)
Stage Directing (Core)
Attachment (Core)

*Any two of the following:
West African Drama
Caribbean Drama
Latin American Drama
Western Music IV: The Modern Period
Film Directing
Editing Skills


First Semester
Policy Analysis and project Management (Required)
Discourses on African Art (Required)
Literary Journalism (Required)
Theatre Therapy (Core)
Drama and Theatre in Education (Core)
Industrial Theatre (Core)

*Any one of the following:
Literature and Postmodernist Theory
Music and the Media
African Aesthetics
Issues in African Historiography
Ideological Readings of TV

Second Semester
Disaster and Conflict Management (Required)
Discourses on African Cinema (Required)
Theatre in Community Development (Core)
Entertainment Management and Marketing (Core)
Theatre Project (Core)

*Any two of the following:
Popular Music
Media Law and Ethics
Media and Public Relations
Major Literary Movements
Studies in Post Colonial Discourse
Philosophy of Language
Political Philosophy in Africa

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