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The School of Sciences provides the foundation of both scientific literacy that are essential components of a broad education for all students. In addition, the school's coursework establishes and emphasizes depth of disciplinary knowledge as well as connections between and among disciplines.
The School of Sciences is dedicated to maintaining high quality instruction characterized by a focus on the education of individual students, an innovative and challenging curriculum, and high academic standards.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

OBJECTIVES: To offer leading undergraduate and graduate programs in sciences.To produce graduates with an appreciation of science as a driving force in society, industry and technology.To produce graduates equipped with the knowledge, skill and values that would prepare them for their respective careers and provide them with experiences in both theoretical and practical application.To develop high quality programs in the fields of science attuned to the needs of the times and responsive to the challenges in the labour market.To initiate and promote research and income generating projects, aimed at supporting the university and the labour market.
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MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENT: C+ in KSCE with atleast a C+ in Chemistry, C+ in Mathematics and a C plain in either of the following subjects; Biology or Biological Sciences, or Physics or Physical Sciences or Agriculture.Holders of KACE/GCE ("A" level) or Diploma/Higher National Diploma qualifications in Chemistry subjects or any other qualification recognized by the University Senate.

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