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Wildlife based tourism is one of the goals of Vision 2030. About 80% of the total land area of Kenya is categorised as rangelands while the remaining 20% is categorised as high potential area which can support rain fed agriculture. The rangelands are the arid and semi-arid fragile ecosystems of marginal productivity. They are rich in biodiversity and characterized by a myriad of terrestrial and marine wildlife, natural and physical scenic features and a rich diversity in the social cultural heritage of the people and form the backbone of tourism. Wildlife based tourism has dominated the tourism industry in the arid and semi-arid areas, its today threatened by the increasing demand for more Agricultural land to support the ever increasing human population. This demand for crop land and other development activities threaten the future sustainability of wildlife resources.
In view of the critical needs to resolve the escalating conflicts of interest between the state and the local communities that have a stake in wildlife resources, there is need to bolster both the consumptive and non-consumptive attributes of wildlife resources. This will ensure that communities living with wildlife benefit from hosting wildlife in their private property by getting directly involved in wildlife businesses. Skilled manpower will be needed to implement new wildlife consumptive and non-consumptive policies and provide key resource management, advisory and research capacity to meet the needs of current and future challenges.

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Admission Requirements: Candidates must have attained at least a mean grade of C+ at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education level or other equivalent examination or qualification recognized by the University Senate.In addition, a candidate must have at least grade C in Maths, C+ in Biology or B- in Biological Sciences, C in Chemistry, B- in Geography or History and Government, and C+ in English or Kiswahili at K.C.S.E.Candidates with Diploma from recognized institutions may also be considered.

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