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8 months


Course Overview

This eight to twelve month Certificate Course is intended to build students' knowledge and skills in the area of banking and finance. Taken conveniently online and offered by Finstock Evarsity College, the course covers basic principles including communication skills, consumer credit, principles of management, microeconomics, and accounting to ensure that students have the confidence and ability to pursue further studies in this area and take up challenging roles within the sector. 

The career prospects in finance and its interdisciplinary domains including accounting, banking, stock broking, and economics are extremely bright, allowing successful graduates to climb to high standing and well-paid positions in whichever organisation they choose to work in. In addition, given the ever-changing global scenario in the realm of economic activity, this path will offer you endless opportunities to grow and learn. This online certificate course will develop your business acumen and financial literacy and provide a good stepping stone towards further studies and entry-level jobs in the field. 

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

At the end of the course, students will be able to: 

  •  Identify, formulate and solve real-world problems through the application of knowledge, within an ethical foundation.
  • Communicate effectively, in both oral and written forms. 
  • Work in different teams across diverse cultural settings and environment.
  • Pursue further studies in this field such as diploma and degree courses. 
  • Identify principles of organisational management and the commercial environment in the industry. 
Certification obtained

Certificate in Banking & Finance awarded by Finstock Evarsity College 

What jobs will I qualify for?

This course will provide a stepping stone to the following careers:

  • Bookkeeper 
  • Internal Audit and Risk Manager
  • Finance and Administration Officer
  • Financial Manager

When do I start?

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Admission Criteria

To be eligible for this course, students require: 

  • A Minimum KCSE Grade of D+ (Plus) 

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, students must:

  • Fill out the relevant online application form. 
  • Pay a registration fee of 1,000 KES 

Payment options

KSh58000 Total
The total Fee for this course is 58,000 KES. It is broken down as follows: 

  • Tuition: 42,000 KES 
  • Administration Fee: 5000 KES 
  • Internal Exams: 10,000 KES 
  • Registration: 1,000 KES
Instalment Payments: Fees are payable in 2 instalments as follows: 

  • Instalment 1: 40,000 KES
  • Instalment 2: 18,000 KES 

Detailed course information

This course is taken online at Finstock University. The programme is flexible and can be completed within 8-12 months. The course outline is as follows:

Module I 
  • Principles of Management 
  • Communication Skills
  • Principles of Microeconomics 
  • Banking and the Law
  • Principles of Accounting 

Module II 
  • Basic Statistics 
  • Ethical Banking
  • Consumer Credit 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Financial Institutions and Markets 
  • Risk Management
  • Real Estate Finance 
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