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Course Overview

The Certificate in Competency Based Education (Primary School) is a six month course offered online at Finstock Evarsity. Equivalent to the P1 Certificate course, this programme is designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and personal attributes required to become compassionate and effective primary school teachers, and to prepare them for further studies in education, such as a Diploma, Master's, and eventually a Doctorate. 

Teaching is a challenging profession, but it does offer many benefits. Whether you feel a calling to impact the lives of young students, or you're drawn to the field for the ability to make a change in the education system at large, this field will allow you to make a significant contribution, and positive impact, on the community in which you live. You can even pursue other related career opportunities such as social workers, guidance counsellors, or administrators. If this sounds like the right path for you, then this Certificate in Competency Based Education (Primary School) is the right first step. 
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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

After successful completion of the course, students will be able to: 

  • Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to take up challenging roles in the education industry. 
  • Use a range of creative learning techniques to develop each child's unique potential abilities. 
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation of innovation in the fields of education and an ability to utilize them.
  • Gain basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the profession and demonstrate dedication towards professional commitment and competence. 
  • Develop an awareness of the principles which underline good human relationships and use these in their dealings with children and their community. 
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Certification obtained

Certificate in Competency Based Education (Primary School Option)

What jobs will I qualify for?

This programme will allow learners to pursue careers such as: 

  • Education Adminstrator 
  • Primary School Teacher 
  • Community Education Officer 
  • Youth Worker 

When do I start?

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Admission Criteria

To be eligible for this course, students require a: 

  • Minimum KCSE Grade of D + (Plus) 

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, students must:

  • Fill out the relevant online application form. 
  • Pay a registration fee of 1,000 KES 

Payment options

All our payments are done online and you can use the following options:

  • Pesa pal
  • Visa card
  • Mpesa
  • American express
  • Mastercard
  • Co-operative bank
  • Airtel money
  • KCB Bank

NOTE: The fee is payable in instalments.

Detailed course information

Offered by Finstock Evarsity, this course is taken online over the course of 6 months (2 semesters.) The course outline is as follows: 

Semester 1 
  • English 
  • Kiswahili 
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Studies 
Semester 2 
  • Religious Education 
  • Mother Tongue 
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Education 
  • Pastoral Programmes  

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