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Course Overview

ICT Mentor’s DevOps training course is designed to help you become a DevOps practitioner and apply the latest in DevOps methodology to automate your software development lifecycle right out of the class. You will master configuration management; continuous integration deployment, delivery and monitoring using DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios in a practical, hands on and interactive approach. The Devops training course focuses heavily on the use of Docker containers, a technology that is revolutionizing the way apps are deployed in the cloud today and is a critical skillset to master in the cloud age.
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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

After completing the DevOps training course you will achieve hands on expertise in various aspects of the DevOps delivery model. The practical learning outcomes of this Devops  training course are:
  • An understanding of DevOps and the modern DevOps toolsets
  • The ability to automate all aspects of a modern code delivery and deployment pipeline using:
o Source code management tools
o Build tools
o Test automation tools
o Containerization through Docker
o Configuration management tools
o Monitoring tools
Certification obtained

DevOps certificate 

What jobs will I qualify for?

TThis DevOps training course will be of benefit the following professional roles:
  • Software Developers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Operations Support
  • Deployment engineers
  • IT managers
  • Development managers
Prerequisite knowledge of software development, preferably in Java, and the UNIX/Linux command line tools are essential for this course.

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When do I start?

Next available course

Admission Criteria

Familiarity with IT terminology and IT related work experience are recommended.
Interested Candidates should engage ICT MENTORS For more.

How do I apply?

Click Enquire now or call 0734229114

Payment options

We have the following convenient Payment methods:

The courses is available in both On-campus and E-learning mode. 

Pricing details for the E-learning program. 
DevOps Foundation - 30 days  - Ksh. 30,000
DevOps Foundation - 60 days -  Ksh. 35,000 
DevOps Foundation Exam -        Ksh. 25,000 
DevOps Foundation Extension - 30 days Ksh.  7,500

Detailed course information

Course Outline:
  • Exploring DevOps
  • Core DevOps Principles
  • Key DevOps Practices
  • Business and Technology Frameworks
  • Culture, Behaviors & Operating Models
  • Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains
  • Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting
  • Sharing, Shadowing and Evolving

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