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Course Overview

This one-week, intensive course on Disaster Management aims to provide up-to-date theoretical knowledge and practical field skills to learners so that they are better able to effectively reduce risks as well as prepare, mitigate, and respond to man-mad and natural disasters. This one-campus course has been designed for professionals such as NGO workers, police officers, religious leaders and community leaders. 

Natural disasters, civil conflicts, and terrorist attacks have become more prevalent in today's world and as such, global demand is surging for emergency professionals with the leadership skills to manage complex crisis situations, and coordinate the many agencies that address emergency situations in order to mitigate the consequences of disasters and provide relief to victims in communities of all sizes. If you're looking for a fast-paced, thrilling, and rewarding job, then this crash-course will equip you with the required skills and knowledge to jump start your career in Disaster Management. 
 At the end of this course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.  

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

This intensive course will allow students to: 

  • Demonstrate effective strategies and systems for Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. 
  • Apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes in disaster management within the context of humanitarian assistance and sustainable development, while respecting human dignity. 
  • Effectively apply skills and expertise in provision of First Aid during emergencies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and expertise in managing water, sanitation and hygiene in emergency situations.
  • Apply knowledge and skills in provision of psychosocial support to affected communities. 

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Certification obtained

Certificate of Completion 

What jobs will I qualify for?

This course provides a great stepping stone towards challenging and exciting careers including: 

  • Disaster Management Specialist 
  • Disaster Recovery Specialist 
  • Project Manager
  • Emergency Management Coordinator 



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Private University

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Admission Criteria

How do I apply?

To apply, students must provide: 

  • A completed application form 
  • Copy of National ID/Passport 
  • Copy of Examination Result Slips/Certificates

Payment options

Further Information
The institute DOES NOT accept cash or personal cheques. All payments are made directly to the Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling.

Detailed course information

This one-week course is taken on campus at the Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling. Some of the topics covered include: 

  • Introduction to Disaster Management 
  • Environmental Disasters
  • Social Services in Disaster Situations
  • Drought, Famine and Food Security 
  • Disaster Preparedness and Prevention 
  • Disaster Information and Communication 
  • Gender Issues 

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