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Until fairly recently, the need for doctoral programmes in East Africa was not considered critical. The reason being that practically all university based training of information professionals was carried out overseas. However, with the recent establishment of degree programmes in the region, a need for doctoral programmes has become necessary. In view of this development, a need has been felt by the School of Information Sciences at Moi University to launch a D.Phil. programme in Library and Information Studies.

The Programme follows the North American doctorate model. It comprises course work, research and thesis writing. It is a direct response to the numerous requests received by the department over the last few years from information professionals in the entire Eastern Africa region. It is hoped that the programme will address manpower shortage problems in university teaching, research and consultancy as well as leading information systems and agencies in the region.

The curriculum has been developed taking into account the varied and growing needs of the information systems in Kenya and the Eastern Africa region. To ensure dynamism, the programme has taken on board all emerging concepts and paradigms in information management.

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The programme is designed to prepare students to develop the highest level of scholarship, research capability, creative thinking and leadership in information management.The specific objectives are to:1. Train highly qualified manpower for advanced level teaching and research.2. Develop information management capacity for the information profession.3. Develop information consultancy capacity to meet the growing and changing needs of the information industry;4. Offer opportunities for higher learning to the nation's information manpower to enable it to be more creative, innovative and valuable to the profession.
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