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Course Overview

This one (1) year International Diploma has been designed to give students the skills and knowledge they require to excel as a baker or pastry chef within the hospitality industry. Taken on-campus at the Air Travel and Related Studies Centre, this programme combines theoretical learning with mandatory field placements to ensure that students receive a strong foundation of industry knowledge and real-world experience so that they can begin to build a successful career in the culinary arts. 

The culinary arts is one of the fast growing professions in the world, and will offer you a rewarding career with plenty of flexibility, creativity, a promising future, and the opportunity to build a successful enterprise. If you're interested in working in this sector, then this International Diploma in Pastry and Bakery will guide you through the crucial components of this complex and graceful craft, offering a comprehensive learning experience that will extend far beyond the classroom. 

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

Upon completion of this diploma, the graduate will have reliably demonstrated the ability to: 

  • Perform basic techniques involved in the daily production of a bakery or pastry shop. 
  • Identify the workings and effects of ingredients on one another and predict how the end product will be affected. 
  • Apply food safety and sanitation measures to minimise food-borne illnesses and injury. 
  • Present a professional portfolio representing their culinary skills and work experience. 
  • Apply basic mathematical principles and recipe conversions, bakery formulations and percentages. 
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Certification obtained

Diploma of International Pastry and Baking

What jobs will I qualify for?

This course will provide you with the basic foundation needed for exciting careers such as a: 

  • Pastry Chef 
  • Bakery Manager
  • Baking and Food Safety Consultant 
  • Baking and Pastry Instructor 

There are also a myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities that can turn your culinary creativity into a marketable career. 

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When do I start?

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Admission Criteria

This programme is designed especially for those with a passion for creating gourmet pastries, signature breads, cakes and specialists desserts. In addition, students must have:
  • A School Leaving Certificate 

How do I apply?

Early application and enrolment is advised on all our courses, due to a high level of demand. To apply, you must: 

  • Fill in an application form before the admission date
  • Provide a copy of your Leaving Certificate 

Payment options

The course fee for this diploma is 90,000 KES per semester. We offer a flexible payment option per semester as follows: 

  • 50% of course fee in the first month 
  • 25% of course fee in the second month
  • 25% of course fee in the third month 

Detailed course information

This diploma is a one year programme which is taken on-campus at the Air Travel and Related Studies Centre. It combines nine months of theory with three months of mandatory work placement. 

The course outline is as follows: 

  • Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Ordinary Cake Making 
  • Preparation of Dough and Yeast Products 
  • The Art of Decorating and Plating Cakes and Desserts 
  • Life Skills, Career Development, and Entrepreneurship

Where and When


Air Travel and Related Studies Centre

Rhino Park Road, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya


Air Travel and Related Studies Centre

Rhino Park Road, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

This course is taught by:

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Muhengere Gitonga

Dean of Students

Course Provider

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