Investment I & 2 - Arab International University (AIU) | Brighter Monday Learning
Damascus,  On Campus
07/06/2018, 10/06/2018
18 weeks


Course Overview

1) Understand the concept of investment;
2) Understand the main tools in money and capital markets;
3) Understand how index such as S&P500 is calculated;
4) Understand the concept of buy on margin and short selling;
5) Understand the main types of mutual funds;
6) Understand how to calculate beta;
7) Understand SML, CAL, CL, and efficient frontier;
8) Understand the "single index model".

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

1-Introduction to investment2-Asset classes and Financial Instruments 3-Securities Markets Mutual Funds and Other Investment CompaniesReturn on Invested Capital and Profitability Analysis4-Risk and Return; 5-Efficient Diversification.
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