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Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthestist (KRNA)

AIC Kijabe College of Health Sciences

Important info

The Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetist (KRNA) program is a Higher Diploma designed to equip qualified nurses with skills, knowledge and attitudes required in Preparing, administering and maintaining appropriate and safe anesthesia to surgical patients with normal physiology, and those with various co-existing diseases undergoing the scope of surgical procedures; Providing immediate postoperative recovery including the management of complications which may arise for the surgical patient and establishing and maintaining quality assurance measures in the anesthetic department.

  • Diploma
  • On Campus
  • Kiambu (and 1 more)
  • Duration: 1 years
  • Start Date: 1/9/2017 (and 1 more)
  • KSh 150,000
  • Per Semester

Where and when

Start DateLocation


AIC Kijabe School of Nursing

AIC Kijabe Hospital,Kijabe



AIC Kijabe School of Nursing

AIC Kijabe Hospital,Kijabe



Who's this course for?

Diploma in KRN / KRM / KRCHN / BSCN and a working experience of 2 years.

Which are the objectives of the course?

The program aims to equip graduates with knowledge and competency to:

Ensure that the patient has been physically prepared for anesthesia.
Adjust the pre-operative review of a patient appropriately and safely in cases of a surgical emergency.
Select the appropriate anesthetic medications for an individualized patient anesthesia plan.
Interpret the signs and symptoms of the patient's condition requiring resuscitative measures and then act appropriately to resuscitate the patient.
Ensure that the intra-operative anesthesia monitoring- devices and necessary airway equipment are properly maintained at all times.
Ensure that anesthetic supplies and drugs are available at all times and are safely prepared and stored for patient use.
Select and administer general and regional anesthesia to patients appropriately, effectively, safely, legally and ethically.
Manage the peri-operative anesthesia for patients with co-existing diseases and
medical disorders effectively and safely.
Assist the surgical team in formulating a plan in an ICU environment for the
postoperative respiratory compromised patient cardiovascular compromised patient neurosurgical patient.

How To Apply

Send you application to:

The Principal,
Kijabe College of Health Sciences
P.O Box Kijabe.

What happens after requesting info?

We shall receive your contact details with inquiry and revert with a response.

What are the official requirements to enroll?

School Leaving Certificate
Form Four Certificate and Result Slip
Professional Certification for KRNA & KRPON
Non-Refundable Application fee of ksh 2,000

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