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Course Overview

This two year Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems is a programme that prepares candidates to become specialists in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and how this can be used to meet the contemporary needs of modern businesses, especially at the middle and senior-levels of organisations. Taken on-campus at Kenya Methodist University, this course has been designed to meet the increasing demand in the work place for IT professionals with a wide range of technical skills and the capacity of offer support in the implementation of effective ICT based solutions in the business environment. 

Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has numerous benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. This is why many employers are now seeking out professionals with knowledge of Computer-Based Information Systems who are able to harness this technology to drive business success. If you're looking to climb the ladder within your own organisation, or want a career with more responsibility, challenges, and a higher pay, then this course will provide you with the skills you need to enhance your employability and give you an edge over your peers. 

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

At the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Appreciate the fundamental concepts and tools in information technology and use IT appropriately for their professional work. 
  • Receive the broad training required to design, implement, and manage information systems within their organisation. 
  • Acquire the skills and ability to evaluate business computer systems and apply the principles learnt in the performance of their duties in the workplace. 
  • Develop sound business solutions from model professional and technical perspectives. 
  • Progress to higher levels of education such as a doctoral level. 
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Certification obtained

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

What jobs will I qualify for?

This course will prepare students for careers such as: 

  • Information Systems Auditor 
  • Cyber Security Analyst.
  • Application Developer
  • Data Scientist

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When do I start?

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Admission Criteria

For admission into the programme, a candidate must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements:  

  • Be a holder of a Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. OR
  • A holder of a Bachelors degree with Upper Second Class in a relevant discipline from a recognised university 
  • A holder of Bachelor's degree with a Lower Second Class in a relevant discipline from a recognised university and two (2) years relevant working experience at management level. 
Note: Possession of the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee automatic admission to the Master Degree. 

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, students must: 

  • Download and fill in an application form 
  • Submit a non-refundable fee of 1,000 KES 
  • Provide 4 passport-sized photographs 
  • Attach a copy of their National ID/Passport and relevant academic/professional certificates  

Payment options

All payments must be made through bank deposits or bankers cheques, using the following information: 

Consolidated Bank
  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 10071200000122
Equity Bank 
  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 0140290923812
Cooperative Bank
  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 01129020131200 
Barclays Bank 
  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 030131055757
Commercial Bank of Kenya 
  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 1113539364
National Bank 
  • Branch: Mombasa 
  • Bank Account Number: 01021009876700
Family Bank 
  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 063000022033
Chase Bank 
  • Branch: Riverside 
  • Bank Account Number: 0082071993001
Standard Chartered Bank

  • Branch: Meru 
  • Bank Account Number: 10102863422800
UBA Bank
  • Branch: Westlands 
  • Bank Account Number: 55010160006068

Industrial Attachment Fee
Students should note that there is an industrial attachment fee of 10,000 KES. 

Detailed course information

This course is taken on-campus at the Kenya Methodist University over the course of two years. The curriculum is as follows:

Year 1
Trimester 1 
  • Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design
  • Research Methods 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Information Systems Ethics and Security 
Trimester 2 
  • Information Systems Strategy 
  • Statistical Methods in IS 
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
Trimester 3 - Courses Specific for Specialisation 
  • Specialisation 1 - Information Systems Management 
  • Specialisation 2 - Networking 
  • Specialisation 3 - Information Systems Security 
Year 2
Trimester 1 
  • IS Seminar 
  • Research Thesis 
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Kenya Methodist University

View Park Towers 16th Floor, Nairobi, Kenya


Kenya Methodist University

View Park Towers 16th Floor, Nairobi, Kenya


Kenya Methodist University

View Park Towers 16th Floor, Nairobi, Kenya

Course Provider

Email & Website
  • info@kemu.ac.ke
  • http://www.kemu.ac.ke
Phone & Location
  • +254724256162
  • +254725751878
  • View Park Towers 16th Floor