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Course Overview

Understanding crime remains a major concern of all societies in the world. Rapid change demands advanced skills in crime prevention and security management. These are requisite for stable social order and vibrant economic development. In presenting Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, the department is meeting national needs in educating resource persons who are aspiring to take up leadership positions in the field of criminal justice system and in law enforcement agencies. This programme therefore offers the knowledge, skills and techniques required by a reformed criminal justice system and security sector. Crime has become a major impediment to development in most developing countries. Effective prevention, control and management of crime is essential in that it provides conducive environment for development. This programme therefore, intends to inculcate a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of contemporary skills, theoretical perspectives and policy issues within criminology and criminal justice. The programme also provides an opportunity for new entrants and those already working in criminal justice or related agencies. The programme therefore will benefit clients from; police service, criminal justice, correctional institutions, private security firms, consultancies, teaching and research.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The aim of the course is to produce qualified personnel required for effective prevention, control and management of crime. It is also intended to enhance staff establishment in respective institutions and agencies.The main objectives of the programme are:i) o advance the undergraduate foundation in criminal and security studies in the realization of professional competencies;ii) To equip graduates from various academic backgrounds with knowledge and skills required by the security organizations and governments;iii) To produce scholars who are able to apply their knowledge and skills in security consultancies, teaching and research.
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Admission Criteria

i) Egerton University admission rules shall apply; however, admission shall also be open to holders of a first degree in Arts, Social Science law or any other 717related disciplines, with at least second class honours (Upper Division) or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;ii) Applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements specified above may be required to appear for an interview by the department (either oral or written) to determine their eligibility.

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