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Jouy-en-Josas,  On Campus
18 months
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What You Will Learn
HEC Paris’ Master in Management (MiM) is the international students’ gateway to the prestigious Grande Ecole program and a fantastic world of opportunities.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The Grande Ecole curriculum is divided into a generalist phase and a specialization phase. The first phase concentrates on business fundamentals, while the second one focuses on acquiring expertise around the professional goals of the student. The nature of the specialization determines the Master’s degree that the student will finally receive: Management, Management & Business Law, Management and Public Affairs. This unique curriculum structure enables students to acquire both an excellent grounding in general management and an expertise in a specific field. We firmly believe this combination is the key success factor in training future leaders and making a lasting impact on the careers of our students. In fact, our graduates combine the rare ability to grasp the ‘global picture’ in all situations, a deep understanding that only experts can truly reach. The program consists of: in M1: mandatory foundation courses in general management, electives and a managerial behavior seminar in M2: a specialization, an optional certificate and an in-depth research paper. Moreover, the Grande Ecole program perfectly balances the development of practical leadership and professional skills with the more theoretical requirements, such as a final research paper within the specialization. Students are trained to become decision-makers, while focusing on the academic specialization that they choose in light of their professional goals. With the diversity of courses and specializations available, students can develop expertise in several areas of business administration, shape their career plans, all while preparing their entry into the business world through company internships.
Certification obtained

Master in Management

Admission Criteria

They must hold a Bachelor degree to be eligible to apply (N.B.: they can apply in the same year they obtain their degree).

Detailed course information


M1 Core Courses:

Business Performance Management
Company Law
Corporate Finance
Decision and Data Modeling
Financial Accounting
Financial Economics
Financial Markets
Leading Organizations
Methods of Cost Analysis
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Language courses (including a compulsory French course in the first semester of M1).

+ One of the following courses:
Accounting 2
Corporate Tax Management
Ethics & Sustainability
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Management of Information Systems
Modeling and Data Analysis with Excel


The second year of the Master Cycle is composed of a specialized curriculum (or "Major" - Approximately 350 hours or 40 ECTS credits), and a research paper (20 ECTS credits).
The nature of the specialization determines the Master’s degree that the student will finally receive.

7 degrees are available :
Business Law (requires French proficiency)
Public Affairs
Sustainability and Social Innovation
Media, Arts and Creation (requires French proficiency)
Cognitive Science (requires French proficiency)
Journalism (requires French proficiency)

Where and When


Campus HEC

1 Rue de la Libération, Yvelines, Jouy-en-Josas, France

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