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Currently, tourism and hospitality comprise the world’s largest trade and contributes largely to world economies. In total, nearly 266 million jobs are supported by the tourism and hospitality sectors (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2014). The sustained growth of these sectors together with their ability to generate high levels of employment continues to prove their importance and value for economic development and job creation. Forecasts suggest great potential for growth of tourism and hospitality for rising developing economies such as the ones in Eastern Africa. However, for these economies to tap into this highly competitive industry there is a need to improve the standards of service delivery. In addition, the staffs who handle guests must be trained to acquire appropriate competencies and attitudes in hospitality management. This Master of Hospitality Management programme, therefore aims at producing highly trained inter-disciplinary oriented professionals with diverse knowledge and competencies in all aspects of hospitality, and in particular hospitality marketing, financial, food and beverage and human resource management. The programme is designed to enable students to enhance the management competencies acquired at undergraduate level and develop strategic thinking, conceptual, analytical and industry-oriented managerial skills. The programme will enable students to increase their prospects for middle and senior management and leadership roles in the hospitality industry.

Duration of the Programme
A candidate will be registered as a full-time student for the Master of Hospitality Management for a minimum of Two (2) years and a maximum of Three (3) years.

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The objectives of this programme are to adequately cover the following areas:-1. Concepts and theoretical perspectives of tourism and hospitality management;2. Contemporary issues in hospitality management;3. Experiential case studies in the hospitality industry:4. Discipline inquiry into applied research skills;5. Legal statutes and ethical considerations in the hospitality industry;6. Constructs of leadership and management in the hospitality industry.

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Admission Criteria

To be admitted into the Masters of Hospitality Management programme, the applicant must fulfill academic requirements as prescribed by Moi University. A candidate must also:- i) Be a holder of a Bachelors Degree of Moi University in any of the following disciplines: Hotel and Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Business Management, and Humanities of allied disciplines or;ii) Be a holder of a Bachelors degree of any other University recognised by Senate as equivalent to status of the qualifications in (i) above, or;iii) Be a holder of other qualifications considered by senate as equivalent to Bachelors degree in the disciplines outlined in (i) above.

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