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2 months
On Campus


Course Overview

This two month Microsoft Office Specialist course has been designed to improve participants' productivity in the workplace and enhance their computing skills in an increasingly competitive job market. Taken on campus at the Excel Global College, this programme will provide individuals with the advanced business concepts and computer skills needed in industry today, providing them with a competitive edge over their peers. 

Microsoft Office skills are very important to have in any profession or workplace. Being able to work with Office programs are a must, whether you're preparing for an entry-level position, or you're an experienced professional. This course will provide you with the hands-on practical computer experience, knowledge, and skills you need to take your career to the next level and enhance your value to your employer, whatever sector you're in. 

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

At the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Understand and use Excel at an advanced level, saving time when dealing with data. 
  • Create letters, memos, reports, and other documents with Word. 
  • Create professional presentations in PowerPoint. 
  • Sort and organise e-mail messages with Outlook. 
  • Learn practical methods to sort and filter data with Access. 

Certification obtained

Microsoft Certificate and Course Completion Certificate 

What jobs will I qualify for?

This course will enhance participants' skills in careers such as: 

  • Secretary 
  • Resource Management Analyst 
  • Executive Assistant 
  • IT Support Centre Technician 

When do I start?

Next available course

Admission Criteria

Excel Global College has an open entry requirement for this course so anyone with an interest in advancing their skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office can join. 

How do I apply?

In order to apply for this programme, students must: 

  • Download and fill in an application form 
  • Provide one passport sized photo 
  • Provide National ID or Passport Number 

Payment options

The total fee for this course is 27,000 KES. This includes: 

  •  3 Microsoft Office Certificate Exams
  •  Access To Microsoft Imagine Academy
  •  Free Study Material
  •  Training By Microsoft Certified Tutors
  •  Training With Microsoft Approved Curriculum
  •  Job Assistance

This institution offers flexible payment plans and students can pay in instalments. 

Detailed course information

This course is taken on campus at the Excel Global College. It teaches three modules and each one has 5 learning and practice exams (15 practice exams in total for 3 modules). The modules are as follows: 

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 

Where and When


Excel Global College

1st Floor Nakumatt Highride Building 3rd Parklands Avenue Near Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya


Excel Global College

1st Floor Nakumatt Highride Building 3rd Parklands Avenue Near Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

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