MSc. in International Business - CEFAM | Brighter Monday Learning
Lyon,  On Campus
01/09/2018, 01/01/2019
1 years
€ 11000 


Course Overview

This one year full-time program, specially designed for international students with a business background, will give them the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to reach management positions and pursue a global career. Students have to follow 10 courses, and prepare a Master’s Thesis in order to the CEFAM MSc. certificate as well as a French Ministry of Labor accredited degree.
Along with their business courses, they also will be taking one French course per semester, clearly improving their language skills as well, by the end of their degree.
An optional 6 months internship period can be done at the end of the academic curriculum.
All students have access to the school’s Corporate Relations Office and its resources.
Two majors available: Finance / Marketing

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Student Testimonial

When I chose CEFAM in the first place, thought there was something truly unique about that program and I got more than I bargained for; we all did.

Admission Criteria

It is possible to enter CEFAM after having completed an undergraduate degree elsewhere.

How do I apply?

- Applicants will submit an application form with all supporting documents (CV, cover letter, certificates and last two transcripts)
- Admission interview and language test

Detailed course information


Fall semester
- Risk Management
- Strategic Management & Organizational Policy
- Business Ethics
- Financial Planning & Analysis
- Money Market

Spring Semester
- Operations & Supply Chain Management
- Intermediate Financial Accounting
- French/ US Accounting
- Information Technology for Finance
- Corporate Finance


Fall semester
- Operations & Supply Chain Management
- Marketing Research
- Consumer Behavior
- Advertising

Spring Semester
Risk Management
- Strategic Management & Organizational Policy
- Business Ethics
- Sales & Sales Management

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Where and When



47, rue Sergent Michel Berthet, Rhône, Lyon, France



47, rue Sergent Michel Berthet, Rhône, Lyon, France

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