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Nexus Leadership Programme

Gordon Institute of Business Science University of Pretoria

Course Introduction

To Lead Beyond Boundaries refers to the capacity to make progress on the complex and complicated issues of personal, organisational and national life – issues that cannot be addressed by purely technical solutions; issues that have no easy answers; issues that require us to ask different questions and to look with new eyes.​

Our organisations and our nation require leaders who are able to identify boundaries within people and society and who have the innovative responses required to move beyond them. Nexus seeks to equip participants with both the skills and the passion to do this.

Nexus is designed for people who want to engage with the question: ‘How can I be the leader that South Africa needs me to be?’ It nurtures leadership that is positive, deeply reflective and passionate about making a difference.

Nexus is a personal leadership programme that helps young leaders in business, civil society and government navigate the changing landscape of our country. Through experiential learning and dialogue, participants are challenged to find ways around the obstacles that are holding themselves, others and the country back. We call this the ability to Lead Beyond Boundaries.

  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • On Campus
  • Gauteng
  • Start Date: 01/04/2018
  • ZAR 30,800

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

A bright, ambitious leader within their organisation or business; Interested in developing their ability to lead in a diverse dynamic society; Open to new ideas, experiences and ways of learning, and Passionate about making a positive difference not only within their organisation, but in South Africa as a whole. A Nexus participant will become a better business and societal leader with the potential for significant impact. Participants emerge from the programme better able to: Understand themselves, others and the world around them more deeply; Seek out, appreciate and engage with diverse perspectives; Facilitate new - and shared - understanding of complex issues;​ Think more critically about the complex issues facing South Africa; Identify effective solutions to those issues; and Take action, and inspire others, to create positive change.

Where and when

Start DateLocation


26 Melville Rd,Johannesburg,2196,Johannesburg

Gauteng,South Africa

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