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4 months
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Course Overview

This course develops expertise in different open source programming technologies which include: HTML5, CSS3, Java script, Apache, MySQL, PHP & Joomla.

Course Highlights:
  • Design interactive websites using HTML5, CSS3 & Java script!
  • Install & configure Apache server
  • Manage & administer Apache Web Server
  • Develop dynamic web applications in PHP & use MySQL efficiently for those applications
  • Plan, design & implement applications using MySQL
  • Build websites & powerful online applications using Joomla
  • Develop real-world applications using open source technologies
  • Learn how to create & organize content, add menus, sidebars; change the look with templates.  
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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

Course Objectives: 
  • Design interactive websites using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Use Red Hat Linux operating system
  • Host Web applications on Apache Web server
  • Design and manipulate databases using MySQL
  • Design Web applications using PHP on Linux operating system
  • Develop a real-world application using Open Source technologies
What jobs will I qualify for?

This course will prepare students for exciting careers such as: 
  • Open Source Developer 
  • E-Commerce Programmer

When do I start?

Next available course

Admission Criteria

Minimum Entry Requirements: 
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) minimum grade D+
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE)

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, students must: 

  • Fill out an application form 

Payment options

The total price for this course is 85,000 KES. 
  • Payable in two instalments. 
  • Includes a comprehensive student study kit. 
Payment Methods
Tuition fees must be paid prior to enrolment. Students can pay their fees using the following payment methods: 
  • Cash in Kenyan Shillings (KSH)
  • Cheques drawn on local banks in Kenyan Shillings (KSH)
  • Banker’s drafts in Kenyan Shillings

Account Details
  • Account Name: Edulink International College Limited
  • Account Number: 0217836001
  • Bank Name: Diamond Trust Bank Limited
  • Branch: Lavington
To pay by MPESA please follow the below steps:

  • Go to MPESA and select ‘Payment Service’, then select ‘Pay Bill’ option.
  • Enter Diamond Trust Bank Pay Bill Number ‘516600’ and press OK.
  • Enter the Bank Account Number ‘0540217836001’
  • Enter the transfer amount and press OK.
  • Enter your MPESA Pin and press OK.
  • Confirm the Pay Bill Number and the Account Number to which you are transferring the funds and the amount being transferred and press OK.
  • You will receive a confirmation indicating the funds have been sent.

Detailed course information

  • Building Next Generation Websites
  • Fundamentals of Linux Operating System
  • Working with Open Source Web Server
  • Querying with MySQL
  • Web Application Development using PHP
  • Project-Open Source Technologies
Software Training: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Red Hat Enterprise 7, Apache 2.4.10 or
higher, MySQL 5.7, PHP 7.0.2

The course takes 4 months and comprises of recommended practice hours for every module. Students are advised to self-practice these hours at lab or home.

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