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The Faculty focuses on teaching and research programs which, besides ensuring a rational exploitation of the vast natural resource potential also offers opportunities for scientific innovations for job creation and employment in the public and private sector as well as self- employment. The expansive Botanic Garden is not only a showcase for the University but also an innovative laboratory for students of plant and biological sciences. The unit enhances the theories and practical learnt in the laboratories. The acquisition of a large farm has also provided a laboratory for students of horticulture to have an adequate on-site station for practical work. Scientist from the faculty have been at the forefront of research in East Africa and have received a number of prestigious awards.The Faculty is currently leading in funding by the lake Victoria Research program of Inter-University Council of East Africa with partners from a number East African Universities.

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Objectives: 1. To provide firm foundation of varied field of undergraduate and postgraduate specialization which suites the job market in research, teaching in Universities and other tatiary Institutions.2. To builed a strong foundation for postgraduate studies and susequent contribution in research and teaching.3. To enable students to relate appropriatly to their environment.

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