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As one of the Kenya's foremost institutions of higher learning, SPHBST is home to a robust portfolio of prestigious academic programs, respected faculty members and extraordinarily enterprising students. We are blessed with generous benefactors, who have made substantial investments to support ongoing discovery, learning and service within the School Departments (Nutrition, Health Profession Educations, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Optometry & Vision Sciences and Sports & Health Promotion). We enjoy many productive relationships with industry, government, non-profit foundations, health care organizations, and other colleges and universities in the pursuit of improved health and greater understanding of diseases. In fact, few institutions in East and Central Africa can boast of the broad spectrum of programs, like Optometry & Vision Sciences and Sports & Health Promotion among others, that make SPHBST a leader in the health sciences. Currently, MMUST-SPHBST is regional training hub in partnership with FUNZOKenya project to Training health workers in Western Kenya. The programmes at SPHBST offer enormous promise at a time when the need for advancement in health has never been more important. As a nation, we are faced with healthcare workforce shortages due to rapid growing population.

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Objectives: Training undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical sciences and technology. Offering integrated training of students from other departments. Planning and implementing training programmes in biomedical science and technology for health workers. Integrating research, innovation and development in biomedical science. Participation in formulation and development of policies in biomedical sciences & technology and health. Networking, collaborating and conducting joint research, exchange of staff and students, with academic, research institutions, and organizations Collaboration, consultancy and linkages with industries in biomedical sciences & technology and health.
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