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5 days
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Course Overview

This course introduces you to QuickBooks Accounting. The trainer will help you learn QuickBooks by explaining core features: how to create accounts, organize records, and reconcile accounts  and other core software skills you'll need to manage a business.

You’re not alone. We know that learning QuickBooks can be a struggle. It takes time, and mistakes cost you money. And besides, you're busy running the business and doing your job.

We have the solution! Invest 3 Day exclusive training on quick books with us.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

 Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Practical QuickBooks training – latest version
  2. Online Payroll processing. How to file payroll statutories including P.A.Y.E, N.H.I.F, and N.S.S.F
  3. I-Tax V.A.T returns. How to prepare V.A.T and Withholding tax returns (W/tax)
  4. How to accurately prepare year end statutory accounts
  5. Filing of the corporation tax return
  6. How to prepare a set of management accounts
Certification obtained

Quickbooks Certificate

What jobs will I qualify for?

Quickbook  IT Support 
Quickbooks Trainer

When do I start?

Next available course

Admission Criteria

Candidates who are interested and have passion in Accounting Field or those who are already practicing 

Payment options

Direct bank payment
Cheque Payment

Detailed course information

Course Outline

Getting Started
Starting QuickBooks
Setting QuickBooks Preferences
Identifying Components of the QuickBooks
Operating Environment
Using QuickBooks Help
Identifying Common Business Terms
Exiting QuickBooks

Setting Up a Company
Creating a QuickBooks Company
Using the Chart of Accounts

Working with Lists
Creating Company Lists
Working with the Customers & Jobs List
Working with the Employees List
Working with the Vendors List
Working with the Item List
Working with Other Lists
Managing Lists

Setting Up Inventory
Entering Inventory
Ordering Inventory
Receiving Inventory
Paying for Inventory
Manually Adjusting Inventory

Selling Your Product
Creating Product Invoices
Applying Credit to Invoices
Emailing Invoices
Setting Price Levels
Creating Sales Receipts

Invoicing for Services
Setting Up a Service Item
Changing the Invoice Format
Creating a Service Invoice
Editing an Invoice
Voiding an Invoice
Deleting an Invoice
Entering Statement Charges
Creating Billing Statements

Processing Payments
Displaying the Open Invoices Report
Using the Income Tracker
Receiving Payments for Invoices
Making Deposits
Handling Bounced Checks

Working with Bank Accounts
Writing a QuickBooks Check
Voiding a QuickBooks Check
Using Bank Account Registers
Entering a Handwritten Check
Transferring Funds Between Accounts
Reconciling Checking Accounts

Entering and Paying Bills
Handling Expenses
Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable
Entering Bills
Paying Bills
Entering Vendor Credit
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