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    Course Overview

    This five day training workshop provides participants with knowledge on the best practices for record management within the workplace. Taken at the Versed Training Facility in Nairobi, this course offers an interactive, fun, and welcoming space in which learners are introduced to the responsibilities of record keepers and managers working in the private sector, government, and non-profit environments, including the theoretical principles, methodologies, and practical administration of such programmes. 

    In this day and age of technology, redundancy processes, and duplicate copies of information, record management has become a critical practice that all organisations must follow in order to stay transparent and above their competition, which is why employees are more frequently searching for professionals who have such skills. If you're looking to gain an edge in your career field, then this course will provide you with the unique and much-needed skills and knowledge to make an effective and meaningful contribution to your organisation. 
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    How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

    At the end of this course, students will be able to: 

    • Understand the basic skills of record keeping and management.
    • Manage inactive records. 
    • Gain skills on active files management, record retention schedule, and its suspension. 
    • Gain insight into information confidentiality, access, security, and protection. 
    • Implement a successful record keeping schedule within their organisation. 
    Certification obtained

    Participation Certificate 

    What jobs will I qualify for?

    This course enhances learners' knowledge and skill in a number of careers including: 

    • Record Management Specialist 
    • City Records Manager
    • Police Records Supervisor
    • Lead Records Technician 

    When do I start?

    Next available course

    Admission Criteria

    To be eligible for this course, students must be reasonably proficient in English. No prior knowledge is required. 

    How do I apply?

    Complete the online registration form on our website. We will process your application and respond via email. 

    Payment options

    The total fee for this course is 600 USD. This covers: 

    • Tuition 
    • Training Materials
    • Two break refreshments 
    • Lunch 
    • Study Visits

    How to Pay
    Payments should be transferred to Versed Professional Services Account through the bank 7 days before commencement of training. 

    • All participants will additionally care for their travel expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.
    • Accommodation is arranged upon request. 

    Detailed course information

    This course is taken at the Versed Training Facility over the course of five days. The course outline is as follows:

    Module 1: Introduction to Records Management
    • What is a record?
    • What is an official record?
    • What is an unofficial record?
    • Can an unofficial record become an official record?
    • What is records management?
    • What are the benefits of records management?
    • The Records lifecycle concept
    • The Odyssey of records management

    Module 2: Active Files Management
    • Correspondence management
    • Records center operations
    • Filing equipment & control
    • Business systems analysis & records classification development

    Module 3: The Records Retention Schedule
    • The organization of DePaul’s records retention schedule
    • Amending the records retention schedule

    Module 4: Implementing the Records Retention Schedule 
    • Records destruction
    • Disposal of unofficial records and non-records
    • Destruction of records subject to the set information security policy
    • Destruction of all other official records
    • Transfer to the archives

    Module 5: Suspension of the Retention Schedule
    • Initiation of legal holds
    • Scope of legal holds
    • Release of legal holds

    Module 6: Record Keeping
    • Legal requirements for records keeping
    • Electronic records management
    • Metadata
    • Standards for recordkeeping

    Module 7: Information Confidentiality, Access, Security & Protection
    • Security of records & information
    • Access to information / Freedom of information
    • Disaster planning and records
    • Basic records recovery techniques

    Module 8: Management of In‐Active Records
    • The records inventory exercise
    • Records retention & disposition
    • Disposal of records

    This training can also be customised for your particular institution upon request. You can have it delivered to your preferred location. 
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