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Sales Mastery 2

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Course Introduction

Sales Mastery 2 is the ultimate sales course for aspiring and practicing sales people guaranteeing employ-ability potential and improving job performance.

The Sales Mastery 2 Course is the most comprehensive sales training programme in the market today. It touches on the advanced Selling skills Tailored for those struggling in sales.

The course has been designed to :

• Equip the sales professionals with skills, strategies and techniques to achieve high sales objectives in a consistent manner ;
• Help the person discover their unique sales strengths and leverage them;
• Help the sales person to build positive image and attitude that is essential for life success;
• Equip the person with skills to deal with obstacles and challenges in a sales career;
• Develop the sales agent into a valuable professional financial advisor

Some of the topics covered are:

Key Account Management
Public Sector Sales
Selling to Big corporates
Strategic Selling
Sales Management

It is ideal for sales executives, account managers, relationship officers and managers, marketing executives, business development officers, small business owners and all people who make their living through selling.

The course can also be offered in-house to organizations that have a sales force of over 5 sales people.

  • Workshop
  • Company Training
  • Nairobi (and 1 more)
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Start Date: 06/02/2018 (and 1 more)
  • KSh 39,500
  • Total

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The Key performance Measures during the programme will focus on improvement in:  Sales Results  New Opportunities  Conversion Rates  Sales Behavior Change


Sam KariukiSales Expert, Trainer, Author

Sam Kariuki is a highly regarded sales expert and business strategist who has
helped businesses and sales professionals perform at their highest levels.
Sam has developed unique sales improvement solutions and tools that
enable firms to hire the best sales people, equip them with requisite sales
competencies and set-up sales systems and processes that drive
organizational and individual performance.
In his consulting life Sam has trained thousands of sales people and business
owners on effective Selling; developed unique sales solutions for managing
sales function; formulated and guided in execution of highly effective that
have resulted into great results; advised entrepreneurs, business owners and
managers on strategies to grow sales, profits and unlock cash flow
opportunities their business; published works in Business Daily, Selling
Power, Marketing Africa, Sokoni among others.
Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Sam’s services include
Safaricom, Britam, Barclays Bank, Clinton Foundation(Uganda), Cisco, First Choice Ltd, Posta, Banana
Breweries (Tanzania), Proctor and Allan among others.
Through continuous research, study and consulting engagements Sam has dealt with almost every
constraint that hinder sales organizations and sales professionals achieve their desired sales objectives.
He works closely with his clients to develop tailored solutions that in line with their sales objectives, type
of products, target market, competitive environment and existing sales challenges.
Sam is the author of the book The Guy Who Fired His Boss. He has previously worked for Marketing
Society of Kenya as the head of training. He also worked as a sales representative for Earth Solutions Ltd.
He holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a number of other business qualifications. He has
appeared on NTV and KBC among others talking about business growth.

What You Will Learn

Key Account Management
Public Sector Sales
Selling to Big corporates
Strategic Selling
Sales Management

Where and when

Start DateLocation


Hazina Towers,Nairobi



Hazina Towers,Nairobi



How do I apply?

You can send us an email.

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