Stellar Selling for Real Estate - Growth Partners | Brighter Monday Learning
Nairobi,  Company Training
2 days
30500 KSh Total


What You Will Learn

The workshop focuses on key skills essential in selling in the Real Estate field. Designed to equip the sales people with skills that help them to sell more of the properties to as many qualified customers as often.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

After attending this course the participants will: Have the ability to persuade even the most difficult customers Understand the various types of customers, their buying behaviour and how to manage each of the type; Delight customers by managing their psychological expectations; See deals move faster to positive closure; Overcome customer objections and fears that make them hesitate to commit; Have tools and processes for structured follow-up and relationship building; Easily understand customer buying criteria including the unspoken needs and requirements; Communicate property values in a way that match the buyers needs; Have methods for qualifying leads and managing them through the various stages of purchase decision.

This course is provided by:

Missing teacher
Sam Kariuki

Sam Kariuki is a highly regarded sales expert and business strategist who has helped businesses and sales professionals perform at their highest levels. Sam has developed unique sales improvement solutions and tools that enable firms to hire the best sales people, equip them with requisite sales competencies and set-up sales systems and processes that drive organizational and individual performance. In his consulting life Sam has trained thousands of sales people and business owners on effective Selling; developed unique sales solutions for managing sales function; formulated and guided in execution of highly effective that have resulted into great results; advised entrepreneurs, business owners and managers on strategies to grow sales, profits and unlock cash flow opportunities their business; published works in Business Daily, Selling Power, Marketing Africa, Sokoni among others. Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Sam’s services include Safaricom, Britam, Barclays Bank, Clinton Foundation(Uganda), Cisco, First Choice Ltd, Posta, Banana Breweries (Tanzania), Proctor and Allan among others. Through continuous research, study and consulting engagements Sam has dealt with almost every constraint that hinder sales organizations and sales professionals achieve their desired sales objectives. He works closely with his clients to develop tailored solutions that in line with their sales objectives, type of products, target market, competitive environment and existing sales challenges. Sam is the author of the book The Guy Who Fired His Boss. He has previously worked for Marketing Society of Kenya as the head of training. He also worked as a sales representative for Earth Solutions Ltd. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a number of other business qualifications. He has appeared on NTV and KBC among others talking about business growth.

Admission Criteria

How do I apply?

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Detailed course information


The Real Estate Market
The Property Buyer
The Property Sales Star
How to Get Clients
Art of Property Selling
Essential Property Selling Skills
Opportunity Management

Where and When


Nairobi Safari Club Hotel

Nairobi Safari Club Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi Safari Club Hotel

Nairobi Safari Club Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

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