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Barcelona,  On Campus
Flexible start, Flexible start, Flexible start
8 weeks
€ 6500 


Course Overview

You’ll need to have a genuine interest in tech and coding, and be extremely motivated. The course moves very quickly and we’ll work tireless to make sure you don’t fall behind, but we need you to be engaged at all times. We want you to have had some sort of introduction to coding- whether it was an intro to programming in college, or an online course on one of the many available platforms such as Treehouse or Codecademy.

Course Structure:

-Remote Prep

The remote prep consists of 60 hours of online content on our student platform. The prep will take you through programming fundamentals using Ruby. By the end of the remote prep, you will be ready to take on the fast pace on-campus learning.

-Week 0

In Week 0, you will meet your classmates, educators and the operations team at Ironhack. You will learn how to setup your development environment for in-class learning. This will also be a review week for remote prep content.

-Week 1-5

Weeks 1-5 are a structured dive into programming using Ruby on Rails. You will be learning core principles of programming including OOP using Ruby, relational databases and MVC framework using Rails.

-Week 6-8

Week 6-8 will focus on writing high quality JavaScript and JS libraries including jQuery. You will learn how to create beautiful, responsive front-end experiences using HTML & CSS. You will have a solid understanding of building web applications end to end.

-Hiring Week

Hiring week is the final phase where you’ll be working with our career team to land your dream job. You will have a solid portfolio of projects, Github presence, technical interview experience, a developer-focused resume and an introduction to the companies in our hiring partner network.

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Admission Criteria

How does the admissions process work?Our application process is comprised of three steps: 1. Online written application, 2. Personal interview to get to know you better, 3. Technical interview to assess your previous coding knowledge.Can I apply from outside of Spain or the US?Absolutely, we’ve had students from almost every continent! If you’re accepted into our program from abroad, we’ll help you find reasonably priced accommodations in the cities where our campuses are located. All of our cities are awesome places to come study abroad!

Detailed course information

Programming Fundamentals

Lay out the foundations before building a robust web application. Before starting any project, it is essential to plan out everything from user case to properly modelling data structures. Topics include:
Dev Environment Setup
Basics of the web (computing & networks)
Basics of programming (control flow & data structures)
Project collaboration using Github

Back-End Web Development

Learn to create database-driven applications using Ruby on Rails, a modern web language and MVC framework. Think of this as all the electricals and plumbing behind the walls in your house. Topics include:
Ruby on Rails
Software architecture (OOP & MVC)
Relational databases & ORMs
Test driven development
APIs using Node.js

Front-End Web Development

You will learn how to create captivating & dynamic user experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Think of this as the interior design in your house. Topics include:
CSS, LESS & Sass
JavaScript Libraries (jQuery)
Responsive Design

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Course Provider

Contact Information

Email & Website
  • marc@ironhack.com
  • http://www.ironhack.com
Phone & Location
  • +34936396543
  • +13059077086
  • Carrer Pamplona, 96, 08018 - Barcelona