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Business Growth Services

Growing your business revenues and profitability requires determination and commitment to development and execution of clear growth strategies; having the right systems and tools; having the right mix of employees and continuous learning and skill improvement.

While all this is essential for your business success, it demands for resources, time and expertise that may best be deployed in service delivery, selling and sales management and product development.

Growth Partners has put together services and tools that will help your business to achieve its growth aspirations.
These services include:

 Recruitment Services
 Training Programmes
 Sales Team Coaching
 Business Owners Coaching
 Business Automation Solutions
 Business Growth Consultancy
 Publications and Books

Smart Recruitment

Do Not be Fooled by Imposters
Sourcing, screening, selection and short listing people who will stick with you and deliver growth results can be a challenging task that takes too much time and often fails to get the right candidate.
Our recruitment services utilize Scientific Profiling and Aptitude Testing to select and place the candidate that best matches the requirements of the position you want to fill.
We are continuously building a database of pre-selected and profiled candidates for the following positions:

 Sales Executives
 Sales Management
 Account Managers

Sales Coaching

Bring out the Best in your Team
We offer result focused coaching services to your sales people. Whether you want to refine the competencies of the team; or you have a major goal you desire your team to achieve we have expertise to design and deliver a programme that will transform your people into peak performers.
We deliver our coaching in a way that will inspire, energize and equip your team with key competencies to excel in the position. Prior to running the programme the team competency gaps are identified vis-à-vis the business objectives.
Unlike in training, coaching is delivered in a number of short sessions on a prolonged period. We have coaching services for business owners, sales managers and sales people.
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Growth Consultancy

Break Through your Constraints
Growth is usually a major goal for most entrepreneurs and SMES. However, in most cases this is highly elusive due to various constraints that these firms experience. These constraints are usually unique to each individual enterprise and entrepreneur. Unless these constraints are dealt with, however hard the owners works the business will continue to experience stunted growth.
Growth Partners helps SMEs to identify these constraints and to develop and execute strategies to overcome them.

Smart Training

Know. Do. Succeed
We offer growth oriented training programmes for individuals and organizations. Some of the programmes we offer include:
 SME Owner Marketer Course
 Essential Selling Skills
 Negotiation Skills
 Customer Experience Optimization

About Us
Ownership and Organization
Growth Partners is a professional services firm committed to helping businesses and individuals achieve their business growth objectives. Sam Kariuki, the founder, is the visionary and leader of the business. Sam is a co-founder and has been the lead consultant of Target Exceedor Ltd which is reputable sales training and consultancy firm. The firm has serviced blue chip firms, SMEs, Parastatals in various industries in the country.

Growth Partners mission is to provide high leverage business growth solutions in form of ideas, products and services. We do this through innovation in the solutions we provide and in our delivery.
Our aim is to see each of our clients get more value in money than what they invested in our solutions. Growth Partners will not provide any service or product that it cannot guarantee results.
We expect and demand shared responsibilities with our clients to achieve prior agreed results. Growth Partners respect the needs and expectations of its employees and clients

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