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Environment and Health Sciences department’s commitment to enhancing its research efforts in environmental science, environmental (Public) health and community health remains firm. Ultimately, we hope that our passion for discovery and innovation rooted in a community dedicated to the practice of integrative science and unbounded ideas will attract and sustain creative minds, improve society, and inspire future generations of globally educated leaders in the area of Environmental and health sciences. Understanding the complex, environment, health and social issues that face the world today is vital for the design and development of a sustainable future. Interdisciplinary degree, diploma and certificate programs offered by the Department; makes the connections between environment and health conditions that shape the world. We aim to produce graduates with a deep understanding of the relationship between the environment and society, and with superior skills in creating practical solutions to meet the future challenges. These qualities ensure the departmental graduates are fully equipped to take on employment opportunities that will forge the pathways to a better tomorrow; these include Environment and Conservation Science, Marine environmental protection, Public health and Community health courses offered to reflect collaboration between disciplines. These studies will give you a background in environment and health sciences, while focusing on core areas in natural resource management, public health, community health, nutritional health, and HIV education to develop an understanding of the physical, chemical, mathematical, biological and social dimensions of human related environmental problems and issues. To advance our plans, we are finding new ways to engage students and deliver content, reconsidering what we teach and developing more ways to connect classroom experiences to the wider world. As a student in Environment and Health Sciences you will be enrolled in a environment where you interact with classmates from completely different concentrations in their houses, dining halls, and academic clubs. Likewise, we want to enable students from all other concentrations to learn how environment and health underpin many aspects of society and the world. We believe that exposing all The Technical University of Mombasa students to the tenets of environmental sciences as well as public health analysis, synthesis and integration will give them a greater appreciation for science and public health and better prepare them for a world in which the environment is part of every sphere of life.

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