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What courses does Kenya Institute for The Blind offer?

About Kenya Institute for The Blind

Kenya Institute for the Blind (K.I.B) was registered as a National Braille Resource Centre for the Blind Persons by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology in February 2004.

As an Institute within the Ministry of Education (M.o.E) K.I.B strives to assist the Government of Kenya (G.o.K) to fulfill the National Objectives such as “Education for All” (E.F.A) by 2015, Vision 2030, among others, in all activities. K.I.B is strategically managed through the performance contracting system under the Ministry of Education (M.o.E), which follows a structured monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Kenya Institute for the Blind was initiated in 1968 as a regional office in East Africa of the Hadley International School of America.

It was then known as Hadley School for the Blind. By then, its main purpose was to teach visually impaired persons through correspondence courses. The school first taught courses based on the American system of education. However, as time went by, there was need to embark on courses based on Kenyan system of education. This meant offering courses leading to national examinations; such were: Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E), Kenya Junior Secondary Education (KJSE), Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE), and Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE). By 1976, all these courses were being offered successfully from the Institute.

In 1987,the Hadley International School of America, which had been the main supporter of the Hadley school in Kenya, withdrew. Subsequently, in 1988, Hadley School was renamed Kenya Institute for the Blind (KIB), to give it a national outlook. The legal status of the institute is therefore a National Resource Centre for the Blind.

The following are the major objectives of the Institute.

Establish and manage a Braille printing press to produce learning, teaching and leisure reading materials.
Establish and manage a library of reading materials and recordings for the visually impaired persons.
Produce large print materials for persons with low vision.
Teach Braille reading and writing skills to persons living or working with blind persons.
Offer rehabilitation services to persons with visual impairments.

Where is Kenya Institute for The Blind located?

Kenya Institute for The Blind


P. O. Box 31082 – 00600 Nairobi Kenya Nairobi Nairobi


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