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Ol' lessos Technical Training Institute

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What courses does Ol' lessos Technical Training Institute offer?

About Ol' lessos Technical Training Institute

Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute is a middle level college of higher learning.

The Institute admits....
students for Artisan, Craft Certificates and Diploma. The birth and growth of Ol’lessos Technical Institute dates back to 1975 when the local community had a vision of having a Technical Secondary School.

The realization of this vision was slightly altered when the 1981 ministerial statement required all technical secondary schools to be converted into technical institutions. Five years later, the vision acquired new strength in 1987 when the EU and GTZ injected capital towards development projects for the Institution had in 1997 for KATC 1 secretarial studies course(single and group).

Built on a 42 acre land along the Kapsabet – Nabkoi road in Nandi East district, the institute offers a variety of courses at artisan, craft and diploma levels. Being among the youngest and fast growing institution in Kenya both in terms of students population and courses offered, the institute’s contribution to the society has been immense. Our graduates have a good report in the market and this has been our driving force.

The student population has been steadily increasing over the years. We have a current population of over 1000 students. The institute had only one department from 1997 to 2002. In 2002 many other departments were established. These departments include; Applied Science Department, Electrical Department, Automotive Engineering department, ICT Department and Building and Civil Engineering Department.

The institute is wholly government owned and is sponsored by the Anglican church of Kenya.

“Quality solution through skills and innovation”.

“To provide Technical, Vocational and Educational training that promotes innovation and creativity to meet global socio-economic and environmental, challenges”.

“A centre of Excellence for Technical, Vocational and Education Training”

Where is Ol' lessos Technical Training Institute located?

Ol' lessos Technical Training Institute


Located along Nabkoi-kapsabet road 4km From lessos Centre Lessos Nandi



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