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What courses does St Kizito Vocational Training Institute offer?

About St Kizito Vocational Training Institute

The late cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga, former Archbishop of Nairobi, in 1990 asked A.V.S.I. (an International NGO - to establish a technical school in the poor areas of the city. He told to AVSI management:

"Kenya, and particularly Nairobi, have an urgent need of educational opportunities in the technical field: so frightfully many are, in fact, the youth who are jobless and often on the brink of desperation and criminality... I am sure that not only the technical but also the human aspects of such an enterprise would be taken care of."

In fact Nairobi is facing problems and contradiction caused by an unbalanced and vertiginous population growth. The problems of youth are very serious: thousands of them leaving school before they complete their studies and, while few, with a lot of difficulties, find a job, many are unemployed. The problem is even greater for the youth coming from the outskirts of the city, who, having completed their primary education, cannot continue any further and end up with no qualification at all. For them the possibility of employment and the chance of a dignified life becomes rather slim.

In the socio-economic context described above, the primary needs facing the youth living in Nairobi are:

· The opportunity of adequate professional training;

· The identification of job opportunities;

· To spread amongst the youth sentiments of self esteem and a spirit of solidarity at work.

The institute offers the following programs:
(a)Building Construction 
(b)Electric and Electronic
(c)Hair Dressing and Beauty therapy
(d)Business Management
(e)Motor Vehicle Mechanics
(f)Information Technology

Where is St Kizito Vocational Training Institute located?

St Kizito Vocational Training Institute


P.O. Box 759 Ruaraka Nairobi 00618 Kenya Nairobi Nairobi


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