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2 years
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Course Overview

This two year Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics is designed to get students more involved with food and help them gain a better understanding the science behind food, including how the human body uses it. Taken on-campus at the Technical University of Mombasa, this programme is guided by supportive and qualified accredited, practicing dietitians, and focuses heavily on practical work so that students will be able to have plenty of opportunities to gain experience within the industry prior to graduating. 

With a growing emphasis on the important role diet plays in supporting health and longevity, the demand for nutritionists and dietitians in Kenya and globally is expected to grow, opening up new avenues for exciting, challenging and rewarding careers. If you're looking for a meaningful career that will allow you to promote healthy eating and bring about real change in your local community and beyond, then this diploma will provide you with the skills you need begin a thriving and successful career in this industry. 
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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

At the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and analytical abilities to identify and solve problems within the industry. 
  • Assess the nutritional status of clients and determine if they are suffering from any malnutrition or other conditions, using the knowledge they've gained on the course. 
  • Effectively communicate information to other healthcare professionals and interested layman. 
  • Understand the value of a personal professional development plan and the role of life-long learning in a professional career. 
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Certification obtained

Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics 

What jobs will I qualify for?

This course will prepare students for careers such as: 

  • Nutritionist 
  • Food and Compliance Manager 
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Health Services Administrator 


When do I start?

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Admission Criteria

To be eligible for this course, students must have: 

  • A KCSE Mean Grade C (Plain) 
  • C (Plain) in Biology/Biological Sciences, Chemistry/Physical Sciences, English/Kiswahili and a pass in Mathematics/Physics 

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, students must: 

  • Fill in the online application form 
  • Upload their academic certificates and a copy of their National ID/Birth Certificate/Passport 
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of 2,000 KES 

Payment options

Students can pay their fees through: 

  • Bank Deposit
  • Bank Transfer 
There are scholarships and grants available for certain courses. 

Detailed course information

This Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics is taken on-campus at the Technical University of Mombasa over the duration of two years. 

Where and When


Technical University of Mombasa

Tom Mboya Street , , Mombasa, Tudor, Kenya

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