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East Africa Institute of Certified Studies

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What courses does East Africa Institute of Certified Studies offer?

About East Africa Institute of Certified Studies


We have more than five years experience in delivering effective and efficient training at Diploma and Certificate levels in areas such as ICT, Business and Social Sciences. Our programs are designed to foster professional and personal development. The up-to-date curricula for the various programs offered at the College are designed to offer relevance in the rapidly changing world and foster the qualities of imagination and independence of thought.

At our institution, students are guaranteed qualified and experienced lecturers, and value for their money in a conducive learning environment. The focus is on enhancing academic excellence through the discovery and pursuit of knowledge and on producing workers with sharp ICT and business acumen and creative skills.

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies offers highly competitive programmes from our 6 major schools; School of ICT, School of Business, School of Social Sciences, School of Beauty and School of Media Studies. Our academic programmes enjoy full accreditation from both national and international examination bodies such as; as KNEC, KASNEB, ICM, ABMA, Cambridge International College, ABE, NASCOP, ICDL, INTEL, JP, among others. We have the best facilities to enhance learning, emphasizing on practical hands-on knowledge and the skills. All our new students get a free new 7 inch Tablet which they can use to store notes, revision, e-learning, and for fun. Our college mode of learning is fun, enjoyable and convenient which make our Institution the best performing college in Nairobi. Train with professionals today.

To be the Premier Source for Education, Workforce Training, Partnerships and Economic Development in East Africa.

EAICS inspires, prepares, and empowers students to succeed in a changing world.
This means:
- We inspire students to learn and to develop as whole people: intellectually, physically, and emotionally.
- We prepare and empower students to be successful by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to enter or progress within the work force or to transfer to a University, and to adapt and thrive in our increasingly diverse and ever-changing world.

- Integrity and transparency – we behave and communicate sincerely and honestly;
- Respect – we treat everyone with dignity and offer superior service;
- Equal access and diversity – we embrace diversity, ensure accessibility and champion all learners;
- Innovation – we are leaders in innovative and creative learning experiences and solutions

- Our students – to provide students with quality learning experiences and support in finding fulfillment in education, employment, productive citizenship and lifelong learning;
- Our people – to support and empower each employee to make the best possible contribution towards student success;
- Our business – to make business decisions that support teaching and learning while reflecting best practices that result in the college achieving its mission and mandate; and
- Our community – to ensure that the college contributes to the economic and social prosperity of the communities we serve.

Where is East Africa Institute of Certified Studies located?

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies


On Moi Avenue Next to Kenya National Archives Near Tom Mboya Statue Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi



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