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The School of Engineering, which was started under the Royal Technical College, has provided quality engineering education since 1956. Students were admitted from the whole of East African region until the demise of the East African Community. The School of Engineering has five Departments:- Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering and Department of Geospatial and Space Technology.

The School of Engineering earlier known as Faculty of Engineering up to 2005 having been in existence since 1956 started training Engineering graduates for the award of Bachelor of Science degree of University of London and later transformed into Faculty of Engineering of the University College of Nairobi of the University of East Africa.

It was the only Faculty of Engineering in East Africa until the University of Dar es salam and Makerere developed their own Faculties of Engineering in the 1970s. The School assisted the two new Faculties in developing their programs. The School took an active role during the formation of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) with several members of the academic staff holding leadership roles in the IEK to date

The School of Engineering has in the last forty (40) year produced over six thousand (6,000) engineering graduates and many are involved in the infrastructure and socio-economic development nationally and internationally.

The School has assisted on setting and development of academic standard for engineering programmes in conjunction with the Engineers Registration Board while staff in the Department of Geospatial and Space Technology are actively involved in the affairs of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya and Land Surveyors Board.


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Admission Criteria

The Department runs a two-tier degree programme ultimately leading to the qualification needed to register as an architect. The programme has a 4 year part that earns the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.) and a further 2 years leading to Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch). The B.A.S. degree opens up a number of career paths but only graduates of B. Arch can register as Architects as per the relevant laws1.0 Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Architectural studies/Bachelor of Architecture.Initial Entry RequirementStudents who register into the course are registered for Bachelor of Architectural Studies/Bachelor of Architecture (B.A.S./B. Arch.). The course itself is designated as Bachelor of Architectural Studies /Bachelor of Architecture. Candidates are eligible for admission into the course in the following categories.‘A’ Level CandidateCandidates must have attained two principal passes in Mathematics and any one of the following subjects:-PhysicsChemistryGeographyEconomicsArt and Designand a Credit pass in English Language at KCE or equivalent examination.Diploma CandidatesCandidates must have attained the KNEC Diploma in Architecture, Building Construction or related fields with a credit pass or equivalent.Degree HoldersCandidates must have attained a degree from a recognized university in:-Land EconomicsBuilding EconomicsDesignCivil EngineeringSurveyingUrban and Regional Planning or any other relevant degreeIn categories (iii) and (iv)Candidates may be required to present portfolios and appear for interviews.2.0 Application procedures for self sponsored studentsThe University will normally advertise for available courses usually around the middle of April. Interested students should look out for this advert in the newspapers before making their applications. Applicants will be required to fill out an application form which is available from the Faculty office on payment of a small application fee.Information about examination results and passport photos of the applicant will normally be required. The processing of applications will take several weeks and successful applicants will be notified by letters.3.0 Progress from Bachelor of Architectural Studies to Bachelor of Architecture3.1 Entry into the second tier will be open to all holders of the B.A.S. degree.3.2 Holders of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.) from the University of Nairobi proceeding directly into the B.Arch. from one prescribed University calendar to the next University calendar are automatically registered students of the B.Arch.3.3 Holders of the B.A.S. shall remain registered for the B.Arch. for a period of 4 years within which they can proceed to the fifth year. Holders of the B.A.S. who take a break of more than four years from the course shall be required to apply for re-admission. Students applying for re-admission shall submit a satisfactory portfolio of relevant work done within the period of the break in their studies.Holders of a degree of B.A.S. or its equivalent qualification from another recognized university can apply for admission to the B.Arch. and shall submit a satisfactory portfolio.​​

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