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Business Leadership: Becoming Management Material

Mammoth Consulting Africa

Important info

While anyone can be promoted to manager, not anyone can lead. This course is designed for new and aspiring leaders and engages learners in the functions of managers and get​ ​them​ ​fully​ ​engaged​ ​in:

​Being​ ​an​ ​active​ ​part​ ​of​ ​a​ ​learning​ ​organization
Understanding​ ​the​ ​functions​ ​of​ ​leaders
Applying​ ​systems​ ​thinking​ ​to​ ​leadership
Practical​ ​methods​ ​of​ ​leadership,​ ​including​ ​change,​ ​performance,​ ​and​ ​people management
​Understanding​ ​when​ ​to​ ​lead​ ​and​ ​when​ ​to​ ​manage

  • Course
  • Online
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Start Date: Flexible
  • KSh 5,000
  • Total


What is a Learning Organization?
Are You a Lifelong Learner?
What is Personal Mastery?
Your Personal Vision
Our Personal Vision and Our Values
About Leadership
Understanding Your Comfort Zone
Managing Performance
Servant Leadership
Onboarding and Orientation
Practice One: Challenge the process.
Practice Two: Inspire a shared vision.
Practice Three: Enable others to act.
Image Identification
Practice Four: Model the way.
Practice Five: Encourage the heart.
Practices in Practice
The Cycle of Trust and Performance
Trust Exercise
About Change
Making Connections
Key Factors in Successful Change
Case Study: Getting More from the Last Hour
Getting Things in Order
Mastering E-mail
Time Management Tips
Directional Thinking
Consequential Thinking
Ethics 101
The Relationship Cycle
Coaching Through Conflict
Preparing for Conflict
Managing Stress
Systematic Problem Solving
Personal Problems
SWOT Analysis
Individual Analyses
What is Delegation?
Defining Delegation
Levels of Delegation
Delegation Case Study
Feedback Techniques
Case Study
Preparing for Meetings
Managing Meetings
Presentation Tips

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Who's this course for?

Suitable for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and take on more managerial roles.

Which are the objectives of the course?

Become fully engaged in:
• Being an active part of a learning organization
• Understanding the functions of leaders
• Applying systems thinking to leadership
• Practical methods of leadership, including change, performance, and people management
• Understanding when to lead and when to manage

What are the admission criteria?

1. An ongoing willingness to critically assess yourself and challenge yourself to grow through life long learning
2. A desire to acquire skills that will ensure rapid growth in your career

Certification obtained

Certificate of Completion

How To Apply

Write an email to us expressing an interest in the course you are interested in or inquiry and we will get back to you with the needed information as soon as possible.

What makes this course unique?

“Soft skills” are centrally important for human capital development and workforce success. A growing evidence base shows that these qualities rival academic or technical skills in their ability to predict employment and earnings, among other outcomes. Our courses have been used across the globe to enable people to effectively navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals.

What happens after requesting info?

If you find you have all the information you need from our site, kindly make a deposit of Kshs 5,000 into our account I&M Bank,Karen Branch in the account Mammoth Consulting Africa Limited acc no. . We will set you up within an hour of receiving the payment and you can immediately begin your course.
The course is an online self-paced program with no instructor and runs for three weeks.

What is the return policy for this course?


What are the official requirements to enroll?

A desire to learn

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