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College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences is the centre of the University of Nairobi that teaches veterinary medicine and various disciples in agriculture. The undergraduate courses taught in its faculties include Agriculture, Management of Agroecosystems and Environment, Food Science and Technology, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Range Management, Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Education and Extension, Crop Protection, Biomedical Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Management and Animal Health and Production.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences is guided by the following principals in order to achieve its vision;To manage the college efficientlyTo produce quality and holistic graduates in agricultural, veterinary and environmental sciencesAdvance and consolidate scientific and technological innovations in agriculture, veterinary and environmental sciencesTo enhance the competitiveness of CAVS as a centre of excellence in agricultural, veterinary and environmental sciencesAll students and staff in the College will embrace these values which will remain the cornerstone in service delivery.​
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Admission Criteria

Admission shall be open to holders of the following qualifications:-Degree in an animal health related discipline;Bachelor of veterinary medicine degree;Bachelor of science in agriculture;Bachelor of science degree in zoology/wildlife sciences;Bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology;Higher/National diploma in Laboratory Technology/ biological sciences;Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by senate​

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