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What courses does Ouspan Medical College offer?

About Ouspan Medical College

the Outspan Medical College is located past
Outspan Hospital.the college offers programs
in the following areas:
(i)Kenya Registered Nurse
(iii)Community Oral Health
(iv)Information Communication Technology (I.C.T)
(v)Laboratory Science & Technology
(vi)Pharmaceutical Technology
(vii)Clinical Medicine & Surgery
Outspan Medical College is fully registered and licenced by:
(i)the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK)
(ii)the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB)
(iii)the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians Board (KMLTTB)
(iv)the Clinical officers Council (COC)

Where is Ouspan Medical College located?

Ouspan Medical College


it is located near ouspan hospital.p.o box 1955-10100 Nyeri Nyeri



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