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Course Overview

The dairy industry profession involves the production of high quality milk and milk products at a profit. Liberalization of the milk based industry in Kenya has attracted on-farm processing. On-farm processing reduces post-harvest losses and produces milk products of higher quality as milk is processed shortly after harvesting. For these entrepreneurs to succeed there is need for graduates with knowledge of milk production at farm level and dairy plant processing operations management.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The aim of this course is to provide an appropriate depth of knowledge and skills in subjects related to the dairy industry for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dairy Technology and Management. In addition the graduates will have developed managerial and financial management skills. This course is designed to produce a graduate qualified to advice on milk production at farm level, to work in milk processing industries at production and managerial capacities, to teach, to carry out research and extension in governmental and non-governmental institutions, to venture into entrepreneurship in the food industry and to pursue higher education.
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Admission Criteria

Candidates shall meet Egerton University general admission criteria. In addition to meeting the prevailing minimum University requirements, the candidate must have a minimum score combination of three of the following subjects; Physics: B-, Chemistry: B- and Biology: B- or Physical Science: B and Biological Science: B. Alternative admission will be offered to candidates with a minimum credit Diploma in Dairy and/or Food Science and/or Technology or equivalent from an institution recognized by Egerton University Senate.

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